Why won't our conversion rates ever trend up?

It's a question every online seller asks. With the explosive growth of ecommerce and marketplaces, it only makes sense that brands, retailers, and distributors address the long overdue challenges of ineffective product pages. 

Content Status, in in collaboration with the e-tailing group, conducted a survey of online sellers to gauge their sentiments about the state of their content health.
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Overcoming Product Page Challenges

In this report, you’ll learn about the 6 main challenges online sellers are facing and how to overcome them:
  • Product pages are critical to delivering both superior customer experiences and revenue growth

  • Product page health is not being sufficiently measured

  • Sellers don’t have confidence in their product content accuracy

  • Most ecommerce companies lack the resource to effectively manage their product page content

  • Automation is ideal for optimizing product page content health

  • Sellers lean towards making requisite investments

The Key Takeaway
Sellers acknowledge they need to address critical content issues and will be making the necessary investments to finally get their product pages right.

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Your product pages are full of untapped opportunities to drive impactful growth!


Optimize Findability


Improve Brand Consistency


Increase Sales


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